1994 Wexford PA

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Key Vehicle Facts

  • Model Year: 1994
  • Engine: Not Specified
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Mileage: 87500
  • Color(s): Black

Ad Information

  • Source: Craigslist
  • Vehicle Location: Wexford, Pennsylvania
  • Asking Price: $48700
  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • Contact Information: Email Seller

Description: Up for sale is my 1994 Acura NSX with ~87,500 miles.

It has a Comptech Supercharger that was installed by Comptech in California. To help keeps the temps down for 9-11psi, it uses a Aftercooler (liquid to air), designed by Shad at Driving Ambition. Shad did the majority of the work to this vehicle, which I have receipts to show. It has a rebuilt transmission with JDM gears and a OS Giken LSD w/ new gearing. There are a lot of other support mods done to this vehicle to keep it both reliable and well balanced. While the supercharger addresses the largest complaint that critics had for the NSX, changes such as non-compliance rear links, eibach springs, and stickier/wider tires help keep things planted.

OEM parts are included with the sale.

I’ll update with information regarding the full modification list and get photos up soon, unless someone surprises me with a quick visit and purchase.

Here is a summary of SOME of the purchases made throughout my ownership and the previous owner, by year:

2006 (starting ~77k miles)
Comptech Strut Brace
Comptech Headers
Comptech Carbon Fiber Airbox
Comptech Swaybar Set
Comptech Short Shifter
Timing Belt – 77k miles
Water Pump – 77k miles
Seals for camshafts and crankshaft – 77k miles
Eibach Springs
Comptech Short Gear Set
Airbox Cover
Powergrip 2 (clutch)
Window Regulators
Bilstein Struts
Transmission Fully rebuilt w/ JDM gears
Comptech Supercharger

AEM FIC w/ Larger Injectors and FPR
Comptech Hi Boost Pulley
Driving Ambition Brake Lines
Comptech Non Compliance Rear Beam
Comptech Non Compliance Toe Link Kit

Climate Control Repair

O2 Sensor Replacements

Driving Ambition Axle Rebuild & Upgrade Kit
Supercharger Idle pulley and Bearing Replacement

2012 (~85.3k miles)
OS Giken LSD & 4.44 Ring w/ new bearings
SoS Stage 2 front engine mount

2013 (~85.5k miles)
Thermostat Changed

Wedsport SA60M and SA10R in 18/18 and 17/18 combos (first two photos. the ADR wheels are gone)
Stoptech Rotors F&R
Carbotech Pads



Photos / Images

1994 Wexford PA

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