1995 Las Vegas NV

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Key Vehicle Facts

  • Model Year: 1995
  • Engine: See Description
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Mileage: 125K
  • Color(s): Black

Ad Information

  • Source: Craigslist
  • Vehicle Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Asking Price: $48K
  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • Contact Information: John @ 5625374198

Description: Selling a 1 of a kind Acura NSX, this is a 1995 Acura NSX-T with a Spoon RGT Conversion, this is 1 of only 3 complete Spoon RGT’s in the United States, and the only one built on a NSX-T (roof is removable).

The car has a 6-speed manual transmission with dual syncros, stoptech BBK on all four wheels, and a four-wheel VRH cup kit (suspension raises and lowers 3″ to clear driveways). Lots of mods, professionally maintained as a shop car for our performance car business.

Modifications include:
-Spoon RGT full kit, authentic, $20k installed
-Stoptech ST40 13″ brakes on all four wheels
-KW V3 Coilovers with Swift Spring conversion
-Umbrella 4-wheel VRH Kit to raise and lower over driveways
-6-Speed Manual Transmission with dual syncros
-Comptech Headers, Pride V2 Exhaust
-Team Dynamics 360-series lightweight rims
-JDM NSX-R tail lights (factory tinted)
-Custom A-brace strut braces, powdercoated to match the brakes

Lots of little tweaks and modifications being a shop car, including a S2000 interior cargo pocket, custom mesh seat inserts, billet aluminum SOS door pulls, aluminum coolant tank, etc. etc. etc.

There’s about $60k in modifications to this car, since it was our shop car. The car itself is in perfect condition, and can be used as an amazing daily driver, timing belt was replaced four years ago, at 80k miles, and isn’t due for a few more years. Newer clutch, new rear tires installed last week.

If you want a unique car that outshines lamborghini’s and has amazing handling, you’ve found your vehicle – the ultimate NSX is for sale.

Asking $48k


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1995 Las Vegas NV

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