1997 Brice OH

Please note this ad has been reposted here from another classifieds website.  Contact the seller directly regarding any additional questions or to purchase.


Key Vehicle Facts

  • Model Year: 1997
  • Engine: Not Specified
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Mileage: 46K
  • Color(s): See Pictures

Ad Information

  • Source: Craigslist
  • Vehicle Location: Brice, Ohio
  • Asking Price: $39950
  • Seller Type: Private Owner
  • Contact Information: 614-946-6652

Description: 1997 acura nsx car is in great condition no issues at all. just bought 2007 z06 vette and don’t have room for both.


Photos / Images

1997 Brice OH

2 Responses to “1997 Brice OH”

  1. First, is the car still available? Second, i’m responding from Pleasanton, CA. If the car check out as clean as it looks, I’m paying in cash. Can i get some comprehensive photos.

  2. Hi Marvin

    Please contact with the seller direct with the above contact Number for your query about this Acura NSX car as some seller may not monitor the post or comment section here.